Comments From Our Clients

Steve and Mary Ann,

We offer this testimonial to again communicate how pleased we are with our new furniture. Our meeting at the 2006 Grove Park Inn Arts and Craft Conference exposed us to the finest craftsmanship offered today. Our numerous returns to your exhibit placed you at the top of our list.

The process from your explanations at the GPI through the delivery proved to be seamless with every expectation met.

The Settle, Rocker and Footstool are Beautiful additions to our home. The Craftsmanship, Detail, Quality, Finish and of course Comfort exceeded all our expectations. They are truly, the finest art in our home.

We thank you for this pleasurable experience completed with the transportation across the country by Plycon Van Lines, whose care and professionalism erased all angst.

You are the Benchmark.

Thank you again,
Jean & Linda Paille
Rockledge, Florida

We have known Steve and Mary Ann Voorhees for over a decade, and have purchased marked Stickley antique furniture from them, as well as some of their beautiful reproduction pieces. When we decided to purchase a custom-made Greene & Greene inspired desk to mark my retirement, we naturally had Voorhees Craftsman high on our list of firms to consider. After looking closely at the quality and craftsmanship available from other companies, we knew that Voorhees was the right choice for us.

Then the creative process began, with a description of my functional needs, my ideas for desk design, and the setting for the desk. Mary Ann and Steve listened carefully, even buying the books and studying the photographs that were giving me design ideas. Then they raised questions and offered solutions, on everything from wood selection to utilitarian design to aesthetic details. The process was fully collaborative, done via e-mail and telephone, and soon we had agreement on that special desk. They provided complete clarity on specifications, price, delivery time, and shipping.

When the desk arrived, it exceeded our expectations. Naturally, it is both functional and beautiful. Additionally, it fits this short woman to a T, and its utility is the perfect match for my needs. In my view, Steve and Mary Ann had surpassed their previous work in the handle design, the artful cloud lifts, and the complement of the ebony on the beautifully patterned mahogany, which is the ideal accent to our study.

The shipping company brought the desk in with care and without a single scratch or dimple. They called two days before to schedule a delivery time within a two-hour window, and they right on time. They were courteous, friendly and affordable.

With Voorhees Craftsmen, both the process and the product of their custom work are exceptional. This unique piece is perfect for me.

Ruth and Colin Shaw
North Carolina

Voorhees Craftsman offers one the ability to purchase quality antiques and reproductions from one location to meet your individual needs and desires. My wife and I had done a lot of research on the web and at high-end furniture stores, and had given up on antiques. It is a struggle to know whether one is paying for quality or the benefit of a well known name. It is also difficult to know if you are paying too much. We therefore concentrated on finding high-end reproductions. We were looking for quality from an aesthetic and from a fit and finish standpoint. We had already settled on a particular high-end manufacturer of craftsman furniture, and had already purchased one of their beds, when we found an ad for Voorhees. After several phone conversations, we visited the Voorhees shop in Pasadena.

Mary Ann and Steve Voorhees are extremely knowledgeable, very informative, and their selection of antiques is exceptional. Their reproductions are of a higher quality, both in beauty and fit and finish, than any other manufacturer we looked at. And we looked closely - under tables, under chairs, cushions, etc. Voorhees produces the highest quality reproductions that we have found to date. They also offer the opportunity for custom furniture, and they have quite a diverse selection of reproductions.

With their guidance, we purchased several antiques; a Gustav Stickley strap-hinge sideboard, a Limbert inlaid rocker, and a 54" dinning table. We also purchased re-production Gustav V-Back dinning chairs whose construction and fit and finish will knock your socks off! They even finished the chairs to match the antique table! We could not be happier, and the dinning chairs and the Morris chair we purchased were complete within a month! We only regret not finding Voorhees prior to purchasing our bed (which took 18 weeks to deliver)! Their inlaid beds are amazing.

Voorhees prices are also very comparable to other manufacturers, whether high-end or not. I have many friends that purchased $5000 tables that are just tables and entertainment centers for their 70" TVs that are already "distressed". Everyone has these. When the style goes out, they will throw them away, or sell them in a yard sale. The simplicity, function, and beauty of Craftsman furniture is timeless. The build quality of the reproductions and the quality and uniqueness of the antiques we purchased will be enjoyed by our daughter and her family long after we are gone.

Ken Carlson
System Engineer
Northrop Grumman