Volcanic Glazed Polia Pillin spherical vase. Signed.

Volcanic Glazed Polia Pillin spherical vase. Signed. Thick, frothy, bubbly, brilliantly colored glaze with a fiery reddish orange color resembling flowing lava over a very dark grey background resembling cooled lava. This vase shows the irregularities of a hand thrown vase including the asymmetrical top which is accentuated by the thick glaze on one side. Scattered burst bubbles which are natural to these thick volcanic glazes including one on the rim. These bubbles occur during the firing and are not considered damage. No cracks, chips, or repairs. The organic shape and the almost luminescent and textured glaze make this an excellent addition to any studio, art pottery or mid-century collection. The contrast with the Pillin's typical decorated pieces is striking. Measures approximately: 6" high x 5 1/2" wide.

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"Pillin" signature.

"Pillin" signature.