Office Desk Chair L & J G Stickley Gustav Stickley cojoined signature. Original finish and leather.

Office Desk Chair, L & J G Stickley Gustav Stickley co-joined signature. Original finish and leather. Original leather still usable, though torn on the sides. The image of the underside of the cushion displays the small steel springs that join the larger seat cushion springs, typical of many original L & J G Stickley chairs.We are often skeptical of the co-joined decal signatures due to the original ones that were discovered years ago that have been distributed and sometimes used by unethical sellers. This chair is definitely an original vintage Stickley office chair and the decal appears to have been on the chair originally. The seat cushion springs shown in the images, the bevel on the top edge of the front seat rail and the overall design are indicative of the Stickley's works, not to mention that it matches their catalogue perfectly. The casters are replaced.'We will gladly replace the leather at an additional cost. Measures: 37" high (adjustable) x 18 1/4" wide x 17" deep.

Product ID: #5422

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