Accurate Replica Gustav Stickley Knockdown Settle

...As was written in Gustav Stickley's catalog "Cabinet Work From The Craftsman Workshops" 1904:Made in Craftsman Fumed Oak. 36" high, 84" long, 34" deep. Seat cushion covered in Craftsman canvas or leather. The size of seat cushion is such that only one out of every one hundred hides is large enough to cover it. This is our largest settle, and the only piece we ship "knocked down". It is long enough to allow the body to recline at full length. The tenons projecting through the front and back posts are pinned, and form a pleasing decoration".....We couldn't have said it any better, however, we do offer two other pieces that "knockdown". Our mousehole table can be delivered assembled or broken down and we build our low Limbert settle in it's original form along with the knockdown form as an alternative for customers with tight areas such as hallways and stairways that require a large piece to be broken-down.

Product ID: #AR210

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